Head of State calls on government for culture of excellence and results-based management


Kinshasa, July 22sd, 2021 (CPA).- The President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi, on Thursday called on members of the government to cultivate excellence and focus their actions on results, in his keynote speech delivered at the opening of the Government Seminar organized under his patronage, from July 22nd to 24th, 2021 at Congo River Hotel, in Gombe municipality.

This three-day seminar, placed under the theme « Creating a dynamic of change through the culture of excellence and results-based management« , aims in particular, according to the Head of State, to strengthen the cohesion of the government team, to direct government action towards improving the social conditions of the population” and to unite to transcend quarrels and wage a merciless war against the anti-values ​​that plague the future of the nation.

« I am confident of the success of this seminar which should result in the need for all members of the government to print the actions, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, in a logic based on results« , he said underlined, inviting the government team not to give way to “satisfy the whims of some moral authorities, nor to conform to the logic of political parties”.

Need for an assessment

 « The provincial governments will be monitored and evaluated every six months in order to ensure that the actions resulting from public policies adopted in the sectors of national life effectively contribute to improving the living conditions of our people« , affirmed the Head of State, Felix Tshisekedi, for whom the need for regular evaluation of public policies is essential. In addition, the Head of State noted that it was in his concern to meet the duty of accountability that he had decided to equip himself, in his cabinet, with the Presidential Council for Strategic Watch (CPVS), « a tool collection of information, analysis and anticipation, to increase responsiveness in the implementation of government actions. »

The General Secretary of the Government addressing the participants

To date, the focal points and reference persons identified in the ministries and companies, public services work in perfect synergy with this structure, he added, urging the workshop participants not to break this momentum.

In his introductory remarks, the Secretary General of the Government indicated previously that this Government Seminar, designed for a long time with the aim of creating the cohesion necessary for the success of the actions of the National Executive, saw its materialization delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the effects of the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano.

This workshop is, according to him, timely for a better internalization of the vision of the Head of State Felix Tshisekedi, through the various pillars set out by Prime Minister Sama Lukonde during the inauguration of his government.

Three themes to internalize the vision of the Head of State

Speaking about the experts called to speak during the workshop, President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi ruled: « The role of the experts is to be the facilitators of the themes they explain and comment on, with the aim of provoking mutual exchanges and discussions informative. This will only be possible if all of them avoid any rhetoric, dogmatic positions, and above all, any refusal to understand and accept the critical nuances specific to any debate that is intended to be enriching « .

The detailed program of this government seminar, which will be conducted behind closed doors, provides for a total of three main themes giving rise to more than one reflection as sub-themes, namely « Challenges and issues for the development of DRC: translation of the vision of change of the President of the Republic”, “Tools to achieve with great effectiveness and efficiency: the vision of change of the Head of State and the Government program” and “Values, principles and ethical and deontological rules« 

Among the speakers at these meetings, are selected in particular the Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde; the General Secretary of the Government, Jean Albert Ekumbaki; the Honorary Prime Minister and Honorary President of the Court of Auditors, Professor Evariste Mabi Mulumba; the General Director at the Central Bank of Congo, Jean Louis Kayembe wa Kayembe, as well as the General Director of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP) and General Inspector of Finance, Pastor Jean-Pierre Kapuku.

Senator Edward Mokolo wa Mpombo, Honorary Minister of Foreign Affairs; the General Director of the National Agency for the Promotion of Investments (ANAPI), Antony Nkinzo Kamole; the General Director of the observatory for the surveillance of corruption and professional ethics (OSCEP), Professor St. Augustin Mwendambali, and the Special Advisor to the President of the Republic, Pastor Jacques Kangudia are also part of this team experts. ACP/