Adoption of a public health emergency response plan at Ndjili international airport


Kinshasa, July 24th, 2021 (CPA).– Users of public services at the Ndjili international airport platform adopted on Thursday a public health emergency response plan, during a ceremony initiated by the national program border hygiene (PNHF), in the new tower at Kinshasa airport.

Speaking at the end of this session opened by the commander of Ndjili airport Freddy Malumba Mukeba, the PNHF antenna chief, Dr Martin Balemeka, indicated that this plan will serve as the basis for a multisectoral response to a public health.

It was drawn up by stakeholders including, in particular, the Civil Aviation Authority (AAC) as well as private individuals, said Dr Balemeka.

According to him, the contingency plan also aims to define the framework for prevention and response to public health events at Ndjili international airport, the country’s main air gateway.

The plan is further intended to describe the coordination between services and the actions taken during the response to a public health event.

It also describes the role and responsibilities of all services during suspected or confirmed public health events, he noted, meaning that operational procedures are required in the event of a suspicious health situation.

The objective pursued by the PNHF is to reach 100% of airport users trained in the essential actions, namely detection, separation and notification, in order to alert at the right time.

This plan also brings progress for civil aviation in the DRC through the AAC and will contribute to the appreciation of the country’s airports, added the head of post, specifying that the PNHF has among others, the mission of health control and epidemiological surveillance when entering and leaving the country.

In the DRC, 22 diseases are still under surveillance at the borders even though attention is currently focused on covid-19.

However, there are other diseases for which PNHF staff have been trained for real-time detection, the doctor concluded. ACP/Fng/nig