Call on development partners to declare their exceptional income in Kasai Oriental


Mbuji-Mayi, July 24th,  2021 (CPA).– Development partners intervening in the various sectors in Kasai Oriental, are called upon to declare their exceptional income (donations and bequests) to be taken into account in the budget of this province.

This call was launched during an outpatient exchange and initial contact between the provincial government and these partners, by Ms. Jeannette Longa Muswamba, interim governor of this province. She argued that this framework is an opportunity to collect at the source, the reliable information that the province needs to be able to present the important management tools to the legislative bodies and high authorities of the DRC, in all transparency and on time.

The head of the provincial division of Plan, Georges Kabongo Tshienda Nkaya suggested that through this framework of exchange, the province needs to know what the development partners are doing in order to carry out other actions, particularly in the accountability that benefits from statements made by the provincial government, all projects or programs. All activities declared by the province at the end of the period must be accounted for as the exceptional revenues emerge at 60% in the provincial budget. ACP/Fng/nig