Covid-19 in the DRC: strengthening of barrier measures recommended to avoid the 4th wave of the epidemic


Kinshasa, July 24th, 2021 (CPA).- Dr Jean Jacques Muyembe, head of the Technical Secretariat of the Multisectoral National Committee for the Response to Covid-19, recommended Thursday during a press briefing in Kinshasa the strengthening of barrier measures to avoid the 4th wave of the epidemic in the DRC.

Dr Muyembe invites the Congolese population to continue to observe barrier gestures to avoid the 4th wave of Covid-19. The epidemiological curve of the 3rd wave is currently downward following strict compliance with barrier measures by the population, he said.

He insists on wearing a mask, which must be compulsory. He realizes that if the population respects the measures decreed by the health authorities, there will be progress that can be achieved and the threat of the 4th wave will be avoided. To all this, he argued, we must add the vaccination that will make it possible to control the pandemic and resume normal life in society. ACP/Fng/nig