EUFKIN-Lukunga: Bomoko Binza and Mbudi to open the Super Cup next August


Kinshasa, July 24th, 2021 (CPA).- The AS Bomoko Binza and AS Mbudi teams will cross shackles next August in the opening match of the Super Cup of the Urban Football Agreement of Kinshasa (EUFKIN) -Lukunga, according to the drawing of lots carried out on Friday at the Martyrs of Pentecost stadium in Kinshasa.

FC Lukunga, the first club drawn, will compete in the second round against the best loser of the 6 matches of the first round of the Super Cup in which 13 clubs are entered.

The president of EUFKIN-Lukunga, Matthieu Tovo Mozande, who chaired the operations of the draw, did not give the precise date of the kickoff of the tournament, which should start between the 1st and the 7th. next august. He nevertheless indicated that the matches will take place at the pitches that EUFKIN-Lukunga have always used for their league matches.

Hereafter the program of matches of the 1st round: AS Bomoko Binza-AS Mbudi (A), FC Young Boys-AS Dieu Sport (B), K. Academy Club-FC Les Racines (C), TP Les Croyants-CS Katasi (D), RCK Nackin-Nouvelle Vie (E), AS Etoile de Binza-FC ADECC (F). ACP/Fng/nig