Haut-Katanga: Rwashi mining company called to review its collective agreement


Lubumbashi, July 24th,  2021 (CPA).– The Provincial Commissioner for Employment, Labor and Social Welfare of the Haut-Katanga province, Angélique Kyungu Mwamba called, Thursday July 22, the union delegation and the managers of the company Rwashi mining to work in synergy to review, as soon as possible, the collective agreement, in order to find solutions to the conflicts between the employer and the employees.

The provincial commissioner, Angélique Kyungu, who was seized by the Rwashi mining union committee, met exchanged views with the two stakeholders, at the end of which she said she was satisfied, before specifying that several points were found solutions and that others, on the other hand, remain to be dealt with later.

The president of the Rwashi mining union committee expressed his gratitude to the provincial government for its involvement in the search for social peace within their company. ACP/Fng/nig