Kasaï-Central: start of maintenance works on agricultural feeder roads


Kananga, July 24th,  2021 (CPA).– The interim governor of Kasaï Central, Tharcisse Kabatusuila Mbuyamba, proceeded on Tuesday July 20th, in the locality of Diboko dia Kalamba, in Kananga, capital of the province of Kasaï Central, the launch of maintenance works on 252 (two hundred and fifty-two) km of agricultural feeder roads thanks to funding from the National Road Maintenance Fund (FONER).

He urged, in his address to his constituents, to appropriate the permanent and regular maintenance of the roads that will be rehabilitated, in order to ensure the endogenous development of the regions.

The head of the interim provincial executive recalled, on occasion, the role and importance of agricultural feeder roads in the development of agriculture and their positive impact on the lives of peasants. Also, he instructed the relevant technical services to carry out feasibility studies for the development of the bridge that spans the Tshikunda river leading to the town of Luandanda, some 25 (twenty-five) km from the city of Kananga.

The Ir. Lumu Kateba, provincial director of the Agricultural Service Roads Office (OVDA), for his part, invited users of agricultural service roads which will be rehabilitated, to get involved in manual cantonment work to be carried out by committees maintenance rooms and structures selected, for the needs of the cause. He insisted on the rational management of the agricultural materials and tools available for this purpose.

As a reminder, the province of Kasaï-Central has a network of 4,200 (four thousand two hundred) km of agricultural feeder roads in a state of disrepair. ACP/Fng/nig