Names of representatives for the « Road » project between the DRC and Uganda forwarded to Deputy Minister Samy Adubango


Kinshasa, July 24th, 2021 (CPA).– The Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda in the DRC, James Mbahimba, on Friday transmitted to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samy Adubango Awotho, the names of the representatives of his country the steering committee of the joint road construction project between the DRC and Uganda.

The two personalities also spoke of the files related to the recurrent arrest of Congolese fishermen on Lakes Édouard and Albert by the Ugandan navy as well as those related to the reopening of new consular posts at the level of two sister countries.

“We were received by the deputy minister. We mainly focused on two points, which we want to follow up on. There is also another point that the Deputy Minister raised, in particular that related to the joint road development project between the Republic of Uganda and the DRC. And very recently, the two Heads of State met to officially launch the project ”, he underlined, recalling at the same time that it was agreed to set up a steering committee to manage this project. He will be responsible for the management, monitoring and supervision of this road infrastructure construction project.

The Ugandan diplomat said that his delegation came to officially transmit the names of the representatives of Uganda within this steering committee, all the details concerning it to the DRC party.

« We have also requested from the DRC the transmission of the names and details of the representatives of the Congolese side within the said steering committee, » he said.

As for the second point relating to the reopening of consular posts on either side of these two countries, Ambassador James Mbahimba added that the Ugandan party’s request is to reopen the one that was in Goma and open two others in Bunia. and in Béni.

“And for the DRC, it was authorized to reopen its old consulate in Kasese and open new consular posts in Kisoro and Ruwa. We came with this official request to be authorized to reopen the consulate in Goma, ”he insisted.

Ambassador James Mbahimba expressed satisfaction with Deputy Foreign Minister Samy Adubango’s commitment to follow up on these two files.

Regarding the case of the almost recurrent arrests of Congolese fishermen on lakes Edward and Albert, the Ugandan diplomat in the DRC has promised an adapted and lasting therapy to put an end to these incidents.

“And during the hearing, the Deputy Minister also raised the concerns of the DRC concerning the case of fishermen, incidents affecting fishermen on Lakes Albert and Édouard. We have taken note of his concerns. We promised to do an appropriate follow-up to see how our two countries can work together on this issue, especially since there is an agreement on the management of Aloetic and fisheries resources”, he explained. According to him, this situation must stop and it will stop.

“I assure you that we are behind this to do the appropriate follow-up. Because it is a question on which depends the survival, the subsistence of our fishing communities around Lakes Edouard and Albert ”, he concluded. ACP/Fng/nig