North Kivu: more than 1,800 finalists missed out-of-session events following insecurity in Beni and Butembo


Goma July 24th, 2021 (CPA).– Nearly 1,836 secondary school finalists failed their non-sessional examinations for the State Examination in the educational province of North Kivu 2 which encompasses the city and territory of Beni, as well as the town of Butembo following the insecurity maintained by the ADF rebels in this part of the country, the CPA learned on Friday from the chief provincial inspector (IPP) of this entity, Tembo Kavandi.

According to him, the sub-divisions, the cities that have been the most affected are those of Beni, Bulongo and Oïcha in the territory of Beni, they said.

“There have been many abandonments, especially in the territory of Beni. In Bulongo, there were 17% dropouts, 13% in Kamango and 5% in Beni. We had registered 26,815 candidates for the long cycle, but only 24,979 took part in the tests. In terms of numbers, we recorded 219 dropouts in the Beni sub-division, 294 in Bulongo, 67 in Kamango and 188 in Oicha « , regrets the IPP, adding that we do not rule out the probability of seeing this number increase after the next general assessment.

It should be remembered that many students are among the thousands of displaced people who fled the Beni region to escape the atrocities committed by the rebels.

Faced with this security situation, some parents are no longer able to meet the education costs of their children despite the military operations carried out in the area for many years. A situation which plays significantly on the school education of the children of the region. ACP/Fng/nig