Reorganization of the real estate brokerage sector in Kongo Central


Matadi, July 24th, 2021 (CPA).- The provincial ministry of town planning and housing of Kongo Central organized, recently in the meeting room of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Matadi, a capacity building seminar for real estate brokers in this port city, in the presence of the minister’s chief of staff, Ricky Ngimbi Lelo, learned about the CPA on Friday from this ministry.

The participants in this two-day seminar, organized on the initiative of the NGO Aiglons international development « ADEI » led by Ir Jurens Lelo, identified among the key problems of brokers the lack of legal documents for a good part of ‘real estate operators, the absence of a provincial committee and the shortfall recorded by the Congolese State in the sale of plots, houses and land from third parties.

Faced with a shortfall, the seminar recommended the census of all real estate brokers and the acquisition by them of legal documents to allow their supervision and ensure that they will lend a hand to the Congolese State in this area.

The seminar also recommended the regular holding of exchange meetings with the supervisory ministry to put order in this sector and the creation by the State of a file of tenants to be paid to the General Directorate of Revenue of Kongo. Central (DGR / KC) for the collection of property taxes.

The ethics and professional conduct of the real estate broker were among the subjects of this seminar which benefited from other modules led by the head of the provincial division of town planning and housing, in collaboration with his colleague in land affairs and the general directorate of revenue of Kongo Central. ACP/Fng/nig