Tshopo: Provincial Minister of Health encourages capitalization of lessons on trypanosomiasis


Kisangani, July 24th, 2021 (CPA)  .- The provincial minister in charge of public health Luc Alungu, encouraged the capitalization of lessons on the fight against human African trypanosomiasis in the province of Tshopo.

The provincial minister said so at the recent opening of a workshop on the disease organized by the provincial health division as part of the implementation of the « DR Congo without sleeping sickness » campaign.

For Philémon Matisa Diabakana, head of fly control, the epidemiological situation is stable in the capital of DR Congo.

The evolution of this disease in some provinces of the country is dependent on the dire lack of logistical means to achieve good results in its fight.

Matisa Diabakana also responsible for communication in the program against this disease also alluded to the coverage of the campaign against this disease only on half of the population at risk through the examinations.

The coordinator of the trypanosomiasis control program in the provincial health division, Dr Espérant Bolimbo Likwela, said, for his part, that Tshopo is an endemic province as 14 cases have been registered recently.

He requested the involvement of the authorities so that they put in the means that could help fight this disease. ACP/Fng/nig