Arrest in Kikwit of a woman specialist in child kidnapping


Kikwit, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- The security service of the 11th military region recently arrested a woman specialist in child kidnapping, responding to the name of Ms. Kapinga from Kinshasa. According to Major Kasongo Ntambwe Bilolo, in charge of communication for the 11th military region, who delivered this information to the press in a statement broadcast on Tomisa radio, this woman had already kidnapped two children aged 8 and 13 respectively, inhabitants of the same Ngulunzamba neighborhood, in Lukemi commune. These two young boys were missing from their paternal roofs for two days before being found in the Movement district, in the municipality of Lukolela in the hands of this woman who wanted to bring them to Kinshasa, added the source, before stressing that on the spot, we noticed the presence of a merchant of the place whose name was not revealed and a boy of 29 years. This strike by elements of the loyalist forces was praised by the entire population of Kikwit, as this phenomenon of kidnapping was gaining momentum in the city. ACP/