Calm observed after period of unrest due to urban banditry in Boma


Boma, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- A calm has been observed for two weeks in Boma, mainly in the commune of Kalamu, after a long moment of agitation of the population due to urban banditry and other criminal activisms operated day and night in certain houses, Honoré Ndembe, the burgomaster of Kalamu municipality in Boma, told CPA on Friday. For several months, he noted, the commune of Kalamu as well as those of Nzadi and Kabondo were the scene of cases of violence by armed bands in civilian clothes that had to take valuables from the population, leaving behind them wounded by machetes and other bladed weapons. The population has regained its peace of mind thanks to the professionalism of the Armed Forces of the Republic (FARDC) associated with elements of the Congolese National Police (PNC).

Mixed patrols are currently organized across the city to put an end to these harassments, noted Honoré Ndembe.


The population called to denounce the criminals

The provincial commissioner of the PNC / Kongo Central, Placide Nyembo, at the end of a meeting of the urban security council held in Boma, called on the population of this city to support the security services by denouncing the criminals responsible for the thefts in Boma. He made the call as part of a roaming tour he made to Muanda, Lukula and Tshela. The provincial commissioner of the PNC insisted on the population’s support for the police by denouncing all suspicious cases in order to allow the police to put out of harm’s way these criminals, before encouraging the contribution of the armed forces in case of overrun of the national police. ACP/