EUFKIN-Tshangu: Malache Mandiangu of Valiant Heroes, top scorer of the last championship


Kinshasa, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- The striker Mandiangu Malache of AC Vaillants Heroes of division III group B of the Kinshasa Urban Football Agreement (EUFKIN) -Tshangu was voted “Top scorer” of the last championship , all divisions combined) thanks to its 31 goals, indicates the activity report for the 2020-2021 sports season adopted by the ordinary general assembly, held on Thursday, July 27.

According to this report received Friday at the CPA, Mandiangu Malache is followed by Kimpuanza Luyingi of the AC Academy of Tshangu of Pool A with 25 goals, while Kimuena Kisina of FC Uni Sport (division I) is in third place with 23 goals.

Here is the scorers classification for the 2020-2021 championship: Mandiangu Malache 31 goals (Vaillants Héros / division III pool B), Kimpuanza Luyingi 25 (Tshangu Academy / division III pool A).

In addition, the top scorers by division are: division I: Kimuena Kisina (Uni Sport) 23 goals; Kimavu Merveille (Lauren) 17 goals; Usongi Ndombasi (Lauren) 16; Kazayawoko Jean (Jac Trésor) 14; division II: Mbizi Mpesi (The Winner) 14 goals; Musoki Munanga (Les As) 13; Matuka Agale (Bolingo) 12; Luwewa Mboma (Canon of N’djili) 10; Lokosi Josué (Fly Sport) 9 goals; Division III Pool A: Nzoko Makivanda (Youth Star) 14 goals; Mubama Mutu Gaël (Fobamu) 13; Okito Armel (Helka) 11; Tshisuala Misela (Matele Sport) 10 goals; Division III Pool B: Makanda Manzombe (Fonak) 15 goals; Babinanga Engulu (Dekuta) 14; Toto Amani (New Young Talents) 13 goals. ACP/