FPM Minister urges officials of her institution to unite for the development of their sector in Bukavu


Kinshasa, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister of Vocational Training and Trades (FPM), Antoinette Kipulu Kabenga urged the various officials in her sector to unity, love and to work in synergy for the evolution of their sector, during a meeting which she chaired during her stay in Bukavu, province of South Kivu, learned the CPA on Friday from the communication cell of the ministry.

These include the proved, deputy proved, provincial director of SENACEEPEF, provincial principal inspector and inspectors.

According to the source, Minister Antoinette Kipulu invited them to banish selfishness and hatred but to work in synergy, in transparency and to put into practice the guidelines given to achieve the assigned objectives. This comes within the framework of materializing the vision of the President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi that of creating a middle class in the country, with a view to a qualified workforce in the DRC.

The participants in this meeting welcomed the determination of Mrs. Antoinette Kipulu, to make vocational training and trades, a ministry which will contribute in part to the economic development of the country. ACP/