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Ituri’s provincial military government provides food assistance to Bunia central prison

Bunia, August 7th, 2021 (CPA). The Ituri provincial military government, headed by Lieutenant-General Johnny Luboya Nkashama, provided assistance to prisoners held in Bunia central prison.

The ceremony of handing over food for the prisoners was presided over by the intermediary of the senior military auditor, Major Joseph Makelele, mandated by the provincial authority for this purpose.

The director of this prison, Major Camille Nzonzi praised this gesture which aims to relieve somewhat the compatriots in distress.

This assistance consists in particular of 120 bags of corn flour, 70 bags of white rice, 15 bags of 100kg beans, 50kg of salt, 150 liters of palm oil, 45m3 of firewood.

In addition to these basic necessities, the provincial government also provided them with a 65 ”television set with the full channel kit ± in addition to a subscription fee of $ 86.

According to the Governor’s Commissioner in charge of Humanitarian Actions and Social Affairs, Ms. Jeanne Alasha Bahemurwaki, this assistance from the provincial government was decided by the Chief of the Provincial Military Executive, Lieutenant-General Johnny Luboya N’kashama and falls under as part of the state of siege to support state services in difficulty.

In addition, the military governor had already planned in his diary that he was going to provide food assistance to the central prison in Bunia, and had reiterated the same wishes to the Minister of Human Rights during his visit to Ituri, after his visit to the central prison where he had deplored the overcrowding in this prison and the shortage of food supplies.

The provincial authority had stressed that while awaiting the endowment of the prison by the Ministry of Justice which manages prison houses in the DRC, the provincial government will still be able to intervene in favor of the prisoners.

For his part, the senior military auditor who, on behalf of the provincial military authority, handed over these provisions to the central prison declared that he will invest in releasing the prisoners who behaved well. during their detention with a view to relieving congestion in the currently overcrowded prison, specifying that there are an impressive number of defendants and convicts there.

Bunia central prison, built to accommodate 250 detainees, currently has over 1,500 detainees, it is reported. ACP/


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