Launching of cleaning work on the Kalamu river in Boma


Boma, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- National deputy Heva Muakasa, elected from Boma to Kongo Central kicked off the cleaning work on the Kalamu river, at the end of a traditional ceremony organized on Thursday at the old small port « Ngambu », not far from the slope of this watercourse. This work, a long-awaited response to the problem of repeated flooding in this city, will be carried out in two phases, the first of which will be entrusted to the Congolaise des routes maritimes (CVM) with the Lisala dredge, at the level of the side of the river in depth while the second part in the dry at the Roads and Drainage Office (OVD) and the Roads Office (OR). Financed on the own funds of the deputy Heva Muakasa for a period of two months, this work of which the cost n ‘has not been revealed, will consist in digging to a depth of 3 m while respecting the drop, a width of 29 m and a length of 5,000 m, said the owner, Ir Oscar Khonde de l ‘OVD. A hydraulic shovel, a Caterpillar and tipper vehicles provided by the governor of Kongo Central, Atou Matubuana Nkuluki, supported by 30 divers in manual method, will be put to work to succeed in this task. ‘opportunity to call on the population to refrain from dumping rubbish on the bed of the river so as not to fill it and cause water to overflow in the event of rains. The population of Boma in general and the residents of Kalamu in particular have been concerned about this situation for almost five years and were still living under a nightmare psychosis from the deadly floods of 2015 and 2016. ACP/


Call for the participation of all for the general interest of the city

The mayor of Boma, Marie-Josée Niongo Nsuami, on this occasion, called on all the inhabitants of her jurisdiction to support this laudable initiative for its success by means of a fuel contribution or anything that can contribute to the advancement of these jobs. Niongo Nsuami, for her part, pledged a contribution of CDF 5,000,000 for the supply of fuel which she saw as the main challenge in carrying out this work. ACP/