Maniema population called on to protect themselves against dust that causes glaucoma


Kindu, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- The oculist in charge of the eye center of the 5th CELPA / Kindu invited the population of Maniema province to protect themselves against the dust that is often the cause of glaucoma, a disease detected in several African countries including the DRC. According to Dr. Charles Shako Omesumbu, this pathology which blinds affected people is already present in several territories of the province of Maniema such as the territories of Kasongo (Kampene), Kibombo (Kunda) and Pangi. It is in this context that he urged riders of motorcycles and other motorized vehicles to cover their faces well, which they must wash regularly and to wear glasses with clear lenses to protect their eyes from glaucoma in this period of the dry season characterized by intense dust harmful to the eyes. ACP/