Police currycomb LK2Palazolo (51-06) in the play off of the LIHBKIN


Kinshasa, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- Police crushed LK2Palazolo with the score of 51-06, Thursday at the handball field of the Reverend Père Raphaël de la Kethulle stadium, in the commune of Kalamu, in Kinshasa, in a match of the 4th play off day of the Kinshasa Handball League (LIHBKIN) championship, female version.

For its part, DCMP (Daring Club Motema Pembe) beat V.Club by 30-21.

In the men’s version, Kinsport lost to Saint Eloi on the score of 29-34. The other results of the 3rd day played on Wednesday at the same place are as follows: women’s version: V.Club-Les Stars 20-09, LK2Palazolo-Héritage 05-51; male version: Heritage-JSK 24-60, Saint Eloi-Scorpion 31-31.

JSK leads the group A standings

JSK leads the ranking of the LIHBKIN men’s championship, pool A with 8 points at the end of the 4th day of play off. She is followed by Scorpio (4 points), while Heritage brings up the rear with 0 points.

For the ladies, in Pool A, DCMP leads the way at the end of the 4th day of the play off with 4 points, ahead of V.Club 2 points. The Stars is a red lantern with 0 points.

Aroka Chadrack (Scorpion), best gunner for men

Scorpion’s Aroka Chadrack is the playoff’s top gunner with 41 goals. He is closely followed by Morisho Daniel of JSK with 40 goals. The ranking of gunners for men is as follows: Aroka Chadrack (Scorpion) 41 goals, Morisho Daniel (JSK) 40, Ndonga David (Scorpion) 34, Mukuna (New Panthère) 29, Mafuka Mayina (Saint Eloi) 28 goals.

Nsamba de Police top scorer for women

Nsamba de Police is the top scorer with 32 goals, followed by Pemba Rabby (Legacy) 18 goals, Tomba Hélène (Legacy) 15 goals. ACP/