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Public hearing in flagrante delicto of the alleged killers of a doctor from Lusangi

Kindu, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- The Kindu high court on Wednesday opened a public hearing in flagrante delicto at the Kindu central tribune for the investigation of the trial of the alleged killers of Cosmas Kisimbika, chief medical officer of the health zone rural area of ​​Lusangi. This first public hearing was devoted to the identification of his fourteen alleged murderers from Lusangi in the territory of Kabambare

Call for a trial without complacency

In addition, the provincial coordinator of the African Association for Human Rights in Maniema (ASADHO), called in a radio statement, a copy of which reached the CPA on Friday, the Kindu tribunal de grande instance to good examine the file of the alleged murderers of Dr Cosmas Kisimbika, chief doctor of the rural health zone of Lusangi, in the territory of Kabambare. Michel Kasemba asked the justice to handle this case with parsimony in complete independence while refraining from allowing himself to be influenced by political actors without morals who, moreover, are suspected of pulling strings in the shadow of this villainous murder. ACP/


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