Senator Denis Kambayi gives a positive mid-term review of the « Campaign for Peace and Peaceful Coexistence in the DRC »


Kinshasa, August 7th, 2021 (CPA)  .- Senator Denis Kambayi Cimbumbu and international president of the Synergie des associations et notables du grand Kasaï (SYNAGK), on Friday drew up a positive mid-term assessment of the « Awareness campaign for Peace and peaceful intercommunity coexistence in the DRC ”, launched three months ago throughout the country, during an interview with the CPA. He indicated that this campaign, which began last April in Kongo Central province, is based on a purely humanitarian concept, also having beneficial effects for politicians, called « Awareness campaign for peace and coexistence. peaceful intercommunity in the DRC ”. Faced with the rise of certain speeches with tribalist and regionalist overtones in the country, Senator Kambayi. Cimbumbu has activated itself for a new form of action aimed at cultivating the best possible way of living together between the different local communities, knowing that they form a single people. To the credit of this campaign, Denis Kambayi is banking on his experience as a leading political actor: Minister of Youth, Sports and Recreation, provincial governor, national deputy and currently senator. He directs his action primarily in the province of Kongo Central with a strong delegation from Greater Kasai in contact with nationals of the greater Kasai area and local communities in Kongo. At this stage of the campaign, he shared the virtues of peace and peaceful inter-community coexistence: passing through Kasangulu to Muanda, the elders of Kongo, the customary and political authorities responded favorably to his call, thus showing their support. to this initiative pledge of the development and unity of the Republic.

Kinshasa joins the Peace and Peaceful Coexistence Campaign

At the stage of the capital, the president of SYNAGK went in search of unity and better living together with the local communities of Kinshasa. Indeed, Denis Kambayi met the two indigenous communities of the city of Kinshasa: the Tékés and Humbus in front of the customary chiefs and notables, in order to consolidate peace and peaceful intercommunity coexistence.

Grand Chief David Matadi Kibala for the Humbus and His Majesty Grand Chief IBA for Tékés have adhered to this great vision for the Congo, before pledging their support so that this vision is a success.

A movement of massive membership of youth associations in Grand Bandundu

Continuing his tour in the former province of Bandundu, Senator Denis Kambayi and his delegation communicated with the people of Kwango, where in the same spirit he preached peace and peaceful intercommunity coexistence, before reaching the city of Kikwit, in the province of Kwilu, where there has been a strong movement of membership in this campaign of several youth associations, public figures as independent, as well as religious denominations.

Mobilization in all directions in the former Kasai Occidental province

Two important milestones marked the pursuit of the Campaign for Peace and Peaceful Community Coexistence in the former Kasai Occidental Province, namely: Tshikapa and Kananga, electoral stronghold of Senator Denis Kambayi.

In Tshikapa, capital of Kasai province, he had fruitful discussions with the four large local communities: the Bakwanyambi, the Pende, the Tshokwe and the Bashilange. As he had to do in previous stages, Denis Kambayi has shown himself to be a leader who is close to the grassroots and above all listens to the local communities who have testified to his generosity. In Kananga, a sea of ​​human beings greeted him, testifying to his leadership and his capacity for mobilization as a socio-political actor close to the people. Wherever he has been, Denis Kambayi has installed local and provincial committees, with a head office in each of these provinces, it is reported. ACP/