South Kivu: call on oil Companies to respect the prices of the sale of fuel at the pump


Bukavu, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- The president of the oil companies of South Kivu, Cihubagala Cinja, during a press interview last Tuesday in Bukavu, called on all operators in the sector to respect the decision of the authority, fixing the prices of the sale of gasoline at CDF 2150 / liter, CDF 1860 for the liter of kerosene and CDF 2110 for the liter of oil gas. He invited all oil tankers to align themselves behind these new prices set by the provincial ministry of finance, economy and hydrocarbons and in force since Tuesday, August 03 and that no service station should go against this price. Moreover, this economic operator called on all motorists, especially motorcycle drivers to calm down and stop their grumbling because the authority has already implemented a fixed price for all oil tankers. Recently in the city of Bukavu, the price of gasoline at the pump had risen reaching CDF 2300 per liter, a situation which caused the increase in the price of public transport, especially for bicycles, considered as the means of transport. the fastest joint preferred by the population of Bukavu, it is recalled. ACP/