The Minister of State in charge of the Budget soaks up the process work on budget conferences


Kinshasa, August 7th, 2021 (CPA)  .- The Minister of State in charge of the Budget, Aimé Boji Sangara, went to the Sultani hotel in the town of Gombe in Kinshasa on Thursday, August 5, to soak up the progress of the work on the budget conferences launched since Monday, August 2, indicates a statement from the Budget Ministry received Friday at the CPA. According to the source, on the spot, the Minister of State reported the good progress of the said work. After his round in all the committees, Aimé Boji insisted on the work which must be done in the smallest details, in order to achieve the ambitions set by the government in its program of actions. “We are impressed by the expertise of the executives in our ministry. The exchanges take place in a climate of freedom, whether on the side of income and expenditure or investments, we have seen a lot of freedom of expression and a lot of passion, because it is about survival and the means that will allow to ministerial departments to be able to carry out their programs during the 2022 fiscal year. So, it is indeed in this climate that we hope to obtain tangible results”said the Minister of State in charge of the Budget. Given the importance of the said work which constitutes an important stage in the preparation and materialization of the 2022 Budget, the Minister of State, Aimé Boji and the Deputy Minister and Elysé Bokumwana Maposo, Deputy Minister took an active part in the various committees and panels, in order to encourage the speakers to make the 2022 finance bill an ambitious and realistic budget. According to Kalala Kazadi Kizito, director of the special accounts department, the budgetary conferences aim, among other things, to improve and quality, both revenue and public expenditure. The services come with their assumptions which are discussed. The commission in turn examines to see the appropriateness of the spending. In all this, the experts work according to the guidelines of the Minister of the Budget who wishes to submit the finished document within the constitutional deadline. Several speakers interviewed, continues the same source, also stressed that, these meetings offer a better framework for discussions on annual budget forecasts in order to ensure consistency with the public policies contained in the Medium-Term Budget Framework (CBMT) 2022. -2024. ACP/