The professionalization of youth training centers for the development of the middle class


Kinshasa, August 7th, 2021 (CPA).- M. Victor Kazadi wa Kazadi, head of the vocational training center (CFP), located in the commune of Bandalungwa, pleaded, Friday, during an interview with the ACP, for the professionalization of the vocational training centers for young people of the ministry Youth Initiation to new citizenship and national cohesion, disseminated across the DRC, with a view to developing the middle class, starting from the development of entrepreneurship.

According to him, the training management policy in the centers remains unfinished due to the mismatch between training and work. Indeed, he notes, learners abandoned after their training are unable to express themselves in the field for lack of work kits, because they are not professionally supported.

. Also, it calls on the authorities to support the finalists of the vocational training centers by providing them with work kits in all areas of training, in particular carpentry, masonry, construction and electricity with a view to their empowerment. « We will have created a middle class capable of restoring an entrepreneurship development policy in all provinces through vocational training centers, » he added. Mr. Victor Kazadi wa Kazadi also suggested the creation of an industrial carpentry company for the youth capable of offering office kit equipment services to other government ministries with the support of the authorities of the Ministry of Youth which, ipso facto, will be the distribution channel to all ministries instead of resorting to more expensive foreign expertise. ACP/