Minister Patrick Muyaya visits the RENATELSAT site in the municipality of Maluku


Kinshasa, August 11th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister in charge of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya Katembwe, on Tuesday visited the site of the National Satellite Telecommunications Network (RENATELSAT), in the town of Maluku, with a view to report on the current state of this public service under its supervision.

Minister Muyaya called his visit a surprise, as you had to see what this historic RENATELSAT site looks like.

“Beyond the reports I received, I myself had to realize the realities on the ground. I was quite edified and there is an opportunity to see what to do about it, ”he said.

According to the findings of the supervisory authority, this site, although useful, is not fully operational. At the base, the materials are very obsolete, analogical whereas we are in the digital age.

« We must therefore work to make them more operational, » said Patrick Muyaya.

This surprise visit by Minister Muyaya is part of the follow-up to the meeting held with the National Committee for Migration to TNT (CNMTNT).

“We are in a dynamic and we need a better understanding of the challenges of the sector. People don’t talk much about RENATELSAT and yet it is thanks to this public company that the country is connected. And when the RTNC produces its programs, it is he who ensures the broadcasting of these programs within the country. Obviously we’re seeing what that looks like to see how far we can readjust in terms of technology and connectivity across the country. With digital, we have to see if, with the Internet, there is a way to get things through these channels, ”explained Patrick Muyaya.

For his part, the head of this Center, Félix Mbuma Lita, took this opportunity to present to the Minister of Communication and Media all the needs that arise in this public enterprise. He cited in particular the problem of equipment that must be renewed as well as that of finances to ensure the mobility of 40 agents who work on this site.

What to remember about RENATELSAT?

Aimed at being the transmission medium for all national, public or private companies, RENATELSAT has a dual mission, namely: to install, manage and develop telecommunications networks, as well as all applications of Technology. information and communication (ICT).

Then, ensure and expand national audiovisual coverage and bring the country towards digital migration.

RENATELSAT was created by interministerial decree n ° 009 / CAB / M-CM / LMO / 2015 and CAB / VPM / PTNTIC / TLL / 0004/2015 establishing a public broadcaster, within the framework of the new audiovisual landscape Congolese adapted to TNT, an actor called public broadcaster.

In its capacity as public broadcaster, RENATELSAT is an operator which ensures, in the public network, the essential function of the broadcasting by the electric radio spectrum and carries out the transport and the distribution of the programs by digitized cable, by optical fiber, by satellite. or by digital microwave.

The public broadcaster may, for the performance of its function, enter into partnerships with private operators approved by the government.