Christian Mwando Nsimba informs civil society of the process of final withdrawal from MONUSCO


Kinshasa, August 20th, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister of State, Minister in charge of Planning, Christian Mwando Nsimba Kabulo, discussed on Tuesday in his cabinet, with a delegation from the civil society consultation framework, who came to inquire about the process MONUSCO’s final withdrawal over the entire territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), announced on Thursday to CPA, the communication service of his cabinet.

This meeting, according to the source, is part of the consultations of actors from different sectors, initiated by the government through the Ministry in charge of Planning, in order to gather their opinions and considerations on this process of withdrawal of UN troops, present in DRC for 22 years.

Minister of State Christian Mwando Nsimba explained to his hosts, on this occasion, the series of discussions held by government experts and those of MONUSCO for the development of a plan on the withdrawal process UN troops by 2024.

Wishes from the consultation framework

The general rapporteur of the civil society consultation framework, Jean Michel Vondo, expressed, at the end of this working session, his joy to see the government thinking of consulting the vital forces of the nation, including civil society, to have their point on the withdrawal of peacekeepers from DRC.

« We asked for a little time to be able to deepen the documents and give the opinion of civil society in 48 hours », he said.

The wish of the civil society consultation framework is for this withdrawal to take place in a peaceful climate, for the good and security of the populations of different corners of DRC, in particular those of the provinces plagued by abuses committed by armed groups, under the beard of MONUSCO forces.

« We hope that we will pay our recommendations and work together with the government and MONUSCO teams, for a soft landing in 2024 », reassured Jean Michel Vondo for whom this approach demonstrates the government’s desire to achieve a transitive plan for the gradual withdrawal of this UN structure, which is more inclusive.