Environment: DRC-USA partnership at the center of exchanges


Kinshasa, August 20th, 2021 (CPA).- The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development, Eve Bazaiba, and the US Ambassador accredited in DRC, Mike Hammer, discussed on Thursday in Kinshasa, in his office , on bilateral cooperation between Kinshasa and Washington in the field of the environment, ahead of COP26, scheduled for next November in Glasgow, Scotland.

The American diplomat presented to Eve Bazaiba the offers of the United States in the environmental sector, specifically in the Congo Basin and the national parks, affirming that his country intends, in addition, to strengthen its support to DRC in the fight against climate change.

The ambassador who recognizes the essential role supposed to play DRC for its biodiversity, in order to save the planet which suffers from the pangs of warming, explained to the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Environment and sustainable development the importance of advance the public-private partnership (PPP), which already exists.

« DRC is seen as the ‘country of solution’ and which plays a primordial role in saving the planet in danger », said Mike Hammer.

According to the US ambassador, the presence of his country’s special forces in DRC is proof of the importance of the privileged partnership between the two countries, in favor of peace, prosperity and environmental protection. These Special Forces units have the particular mission, he concluded, of evaluating the field work of the Rangers in the protection of national parks, including Garamba and Virunga.