Canon François Mutombo of Greater Katanga returns to the Union of Independent Churches of Congo (UEIC)


Kinshasa, August 24th, 2021 (CPA).– Canon François Mutombo, coordinator of the Union of Independent Churches of Congo (UEIC), of Greater Katanga took the option of returning to this religious denomination after a period on the run, at the after a reconciliation hearing granted to him last week in Kinshasa by the legal representative of this community, Mgr. Simon Nzinga Maluka, in the presence of other bishops, announces a press release from the UEIC communication service which reached the CPA on Monday.

According to the source, this prodigal son was brought to the legal representative by Bishop Joël Tshimanga wa Tshimanga Mudila Mpiko of Grand Kasaï in his capacity as president of the Reconciliation Commission within the UEIC, whose gesture and return in the fold of Mgr. François Mutombo were greeted by the number one in the community.

Speaking on this occasion, the statement continued, this man of God said « that he is there and always there in the community ». Nevertheless, he recognized that at times he felt somewhat offended by irregularities which he noted in the minutes of the work of the last Synod of this religious confession and that in his capacity as canon he should only pass in the towel to return to good feelings in the service of the Lord.

This reunion was marked at the Fleuve Hôtel by a friendly reception. In addition, the opportunity was given to review the preparations for the next launch of the Radio and Television of the UEIC, it is said.ACP/