CULPAC for the strengthening and promotion of peace by the United Nations


Kinshasa, August 24th, 2021 (CPA).- The director general of the Universal Council for the Peace of Nations and Continents (CULPAC), Daniel Santu Biko, called on Monday, in Kinshasa, its members to promote and strengthen peace, at this difficult time that the world is going through with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic which weakens all systems, during the day of solidarity for all nations.

He said that despite this difficult situation, there are also claims of all kinds which are sometimes the basis of rebellion, armed conflicts, violence in all its forms, especially against women.

The Director General, Daniel Santu, urged his collaborators to build and sustain peace in the world, in the country, in cities and in families, in order to eradicate the anti-values ​​that hold back the momentum of nations and the African continent. to develop.

In addition, the director general of CULPAC recognized brave personalities, politicians, notables and humanist servants, for their initiatives of good humanitarian projects, with a view to the recovery of the daily life of the populations of the region of Central Africa. Among these personalities, he cited Ms Liliane Tumuni Mawa, Georgette Faila Ondekane, Grâce Mbongi Umek, Jean Mukenge and Dr Idesbald Jean Anselme Mwepu Mwere.

Advocacy for the end of hateful and offensive speech

The Head of MONUSCO, Bitou Keita, took this opportunity to plead in favor of the disappearance of hateful, abusive, separatist speeches and massages, of lack of respect and consideration for others, of the apology of injustice and of the violence and tribals, on the social network in the DRC.

She called on politicians, all tendencies, the actors of civil society and religious confessions to love, tolerance and to increase efforts for the establishment of peace throughout the country, in order to spread the light of Christ everywhere as children of God.

“The mission of MONUSCO is not only the operations of pacification and stabilization of the DRC, but also the fight for human rights, the fight against violence, in all its forms, the fight against the recruitment of children in conflict situations, the mobilization of the population and the culture of peace, ”she concluded. ACP/