Entrepreneurship: a major factor in the development of a country, according to Congolese entrepreneur Mbo Webasi J.C


Kinshasa, August 24th, 2021 (CPA).- Congolese entrepreneur Mbo Webasi James Coco said Monday in Kinshasa during an interview with the CPA that the entrepreneurship sector remains a major factor in the development of a country.

According to his explanations, for entrepreneurship to become a factor of development in a country, the government must support this sector by providing a strong hand to young local entrepreneurs evolving in the fields of creation and who are facing the difficulties preventing them from establishing themselves. promote in the consumer market.

Mr. Mbo Webasi recommends to do this 3 (three) factors to achieve development, including the financing of projects initiated by entrepreneurs, the study of the environment as well as that of the market.

For him, these 3 (three) factors are the prerogative of the government, through the Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprises. He notes that many local entrepreneurs have well-crafted and well-studied projects, but which do not take off due to lack of funding. Others, on the other hand, have tangible personal achievements in the market, but due to lack of funding, they do not know how to make their products competitive, for example the leather shoemaking sector, which faces serious competitiveness problems on the market. quality.

Responding to a question, entrepreneur Mbo reveals that careful study is also very important in the development of a project. A good study of a project contributes 70% of its success and of its funding by donors.

« I invite the government to create a banking structure whose main mission will be to finance the projects of young entrepreneurs who operate in small and medium-sized enterprises and who are numerous in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) », he said concluded. ACP/