Rose Mutombo facing the major challenges of its sector in Ituri


Bunia, August 24th, 2021 (CPA). – The Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Rose Mutombo, declared, Monday in Bunia, at the end of the audience granted to the animators of civil and military justice Ituri province, that its sector in this part of the country is facing two major challenges, namely the number of magistrates and infrastructure.

Rose Mutombo who praised, however, the patriotism of the leaders of the judiciary in Ituri evolving in an exceptional context of the state of siege, noted that certain problems will be solved locally, with the intervention of the military governor, while d ‘others will be at central government level.

« I am convinced that thanks to the will which animates the legal actors, change is possible in the province of Ituri », she indicated, encouraging them to do better, justice being an important lever in the restoration. of state authority in Ituri.

 She then took the opportunity to visit the premises of the Civil Justice, the Military Court, the Auditorat as well as the Bunia Central Prison, to understand the problem of prison overcrowding.

Minister of State Rose Mutombo is part of the government team accompanying the Prime Minister, on a mission in Ituri, in particular within the framework of the pacification of this part of the country, and the initiation of practical arrangements for the taking into charge of militiamen favorable to the peace process, it is recalled. ACP/