Tshopo: Guy Loando launches the PNAT popularization campaign


Kinshasa, August 25th, 2021 (CPA) – The Minister of State, Minister in charge of Regional Planning, Guy Loando, on Tuesday launched the campaign to popularize the national policy for regional planning (PNAT), in the amphitheater of the University of Kisangani, in Tshopo province, indicates a document from the Ministry in charge of Territorial Planning reached CPA on Wednesday.

The objective of this campaign, specifies Minister of State Loando in this document, is to enable Tshopo province to take ownership of the reform of land use planning and to implement its tools and instruments.

For him, spatial planning tools are the cornerstone of all planning. « We must develop our villages, towns and territories as part of the land use planning reform », explains Guy Loando, who cites the two important planning tools, namely PNAT and the bill adopted since 2020, by the Council of Ministers.

Two actions are in progress. This is the bill submitted to the National Assembly for adoption and the release, by the government of the Republic, of counterpart funds for the continuation of the reform, he continues.

The provincial minister in charge of regional planning, Jean -Pierre Litema, pleads for the improvement of the socio-professional conditions of the executives and agents of the provincial division of the territorial planning.

He raised the issue of medical care for staff, the lack of operating costs, appropriate equipment for space management and staff capacity building training, and insufficient means of transport. « If the administration works, it is thanks to the support of the partners », he noted.

The temporary governor of Tshopo province, Maurice Abibu Sakapela, welcomed the choice of his province for the launch of PNAT popularization campaign and « Revite » program.

This, he said, testifies to the interest given to the province before reassuring the Minister of State Guy Loando Mboyo of the support of the provincial government in the success of his mandate at the head of the Minister in charge of Territory Development. ACP /