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Ministry in charge of Transport agents at the government building to claim their bonuses

Kinshasa, August 31st, 2021 (CPA).- The agents of the General Secretariat of Transport and those of the urban division besieged on Monday, the government building where the office of the Minister in charge of Transport is located, means of communication and opening up Cherubin Okende Senga, to claim their permanent bonuses and the application of the scale of scales signed by the former Minister in charge of Budget since 2020.

Streamers and banners on which we could read « we claim our permanent bonuses and the application of the scale signed by the honorary minister Baudouin Mayo for the last quarter of the current year ».

Minister Cherubin Okende, who received the members of the trade union delegation from the transport administration, called on them for calm and restraint, adding that he had already written to the Minister in charge of Budget for the forthcoming application of the said scale.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Minister of Transport, communication and access roads invited them to redouble their efforts in order to maximize the revenues which the public treasury needs for the development of the country.

« The Ministry of Transport has to date more than 150 revenue-generating acts but a good number of its revenues do not land in the account of the public treasury », he revealed, stressing that within the administration transport, securities forms are often found with agents who have neither the quality nor the status of a public official of the State.

For him, the question of the remuneration of public officials is part of the social component of the program of the Head of State, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo and of the government of « warriors », who are keen to improve the social conditions of the Congolese and this, through the payment of a regular and decent salary.

Transport Minister Okende informed his interlocutors

« So that your demands have a favorable response at the level of the Ministry of Budget and Finance, it is necessary that the monies realize that the Ministry of Transport contributes to the State budget with the own revenues generated so as to replenish the coffers of State. Hence, it takes a good channeling of the revenues generated by the transport administration to finally claim a strong position, « he admitted.

The president of the trade union delegation, Serge Masini, expressed his satisfaction that the Minister of Transport said he was prepared to examine their demands so that their right was recognized. ACP/

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