Prime Minister Sama Lukonde launches 2020-2021 ordinary session of EXETAT for 835,052 finalist candidates in Kinshasa


Kinshasa, August 31st, 2021 (CPA).- Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde launched on Monday the 2020-2021 ordinary session of EXETAT events for 835,052 finalists registered throughout DRC, during ‘a ceremony organized at Lumumba Institute in front of the Deputy Minister in charge of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), the provincial minister and the directors of five educational provinces of Kinshasa.

In his speech for the occasion, the Prime Minister encouraged the finalist candidates to present their tests which mark the end of their schooling, before reminding them that they constitute the intellectual future of DRC.

While wishing everyone the chance to work better, the Prime Minister noted that the 2020-2021 school year was special because of the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

« This is a year in a context where several changes have been made for the well-being of schoolchildren », he said, before thanking the Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo for having placed among its priorities, the education of children and allowed this school year to be saved so as not to delay the education of children.

He also underlined the determination of the government through the line ministry, to have made efforts to lead to the holding of this ordinary session of EXETAT.

General Inspector Jacques Odia Kabeya, for his part, indicated that there was an increase in participants, that is to say 835,052 candidates compared to 2019-2020 year where there were 818,667 finalist candidates.

He said that there was also an increase in the overall number of finalists in the long cycle in 2021 (16,385) and in the short cycle which rose from 4,938 to 5,575, an increase of 637 candidates thus representing 12.8%. .

For General Inspector Odia, this increase is due in particular to the demographic growth experienced by DRC, the continued confidence of parents in the supervision of EPST and the induced effects of free basic education which has resulted in ispso facto the attenuation of parents’ burdens.

He also pointed out that the number of EXETAT centers increased for the long cycle from 2,306 to 2,456, i.e. an increase of 150 centers equivalent to 6.5% and the short cycle increased from 289 to 296 centers, i.e. a slight increase of 2.4%.

132,800 students participate in the 2020-2021 ordinary session of EXETAT in Kinshasa

In addition, the provincial Minister in charge of Education Charles Mbutamuntu Lwanga indicated that 132,800 secondary level finalists participate in 2020-2021 EXETAT events throughout Kinshasa city.

Minister Charles Mbutamuntu who visited some of EXETAT center schools including Lumumba Institute, the Freedom school complex in Tshangu and the Sainte Catherine School in the Plateau, to feel the progress of the tests of the EXETAT in Kinshasa, indicated the number of candidates in different educational provinces.

He specified that in Lukunga: 35,192 for 71 centers, Funa: 30,179 for 54 centers, Mont-Amba; 35,632 for 68 centers, Tshangu; 38.758 for 74 centers and Plateau 12.472 for 26 centers.

Minister Mbutamuntu, on the same occasion, formally prohibited all scenes of celebration on the edge of motorcycle taxis and bistros in the city most often registered with the finalists at the end of the tests, before qualifying these acts as anti-values ​​that do not contribute not to the good morals of these learners. « These will be punished with a colossal fine on the part of the taximan and tenants », he insisted. ACP/