Tourism Minister promises to promote Kongo C entral memorial sites


Kinshasa, September 1st, 2021 (CPA).- The Minister in charge of Tourism, Modero N’simba, has made a commitment to work for the promotion and visibility of tourist sites located in the province of Kongo Central.

He made this appeal during his visit to the village of Nsiamfumu, Sunday, August 29th, on the sidelines of the commemoration of the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, celebrated on August 23rd of each year, indicates a press release from the Ministry of Tourism received Tuesday at the CPA.

Accompanied by the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the interior, Daniel Aselo Okito, the Minister of Higher and University Education (ESU), Muhindo Nzangi and several customary chiefs and notables of the province, the Minister of Tourism indicated their presence in the province of Kongo Central is a way for him and his delegation to pay deserved homage to the slave-ancestors who were victims of the slave trade. For him, this international day aims to inscribe the tragedy of the slave trade in the memory of all peoples. « This International Day is commemorated so that the devastating human consequences of human trafficking and slavery do not fall into oblivion, in accordance with the objectives of the intercultural project, » he said.

 The slave route, in the village of Nsiamfumu, said Minister N’simba, must be an opportunity for a common reflection on the historical causes, the modalities and the consequences of this tragedy, as well as an analysis of the interactions that it has generated throughout Africa.

Taking the opportunity of his presence in Kongo Central province, the Minister in charge of Tourism ordered the immediate reopening of Moanda beach, closed for 4 (four) years. To do this, he offered two fast cannons to the conservators of the beach, for the safety of tourists.

As a reminder, the village of Nsiamfumu is a historic place that is full of several memorial sites that the Ministry of Tourism is committed not only to identify, but also to promote. Among these sites we note the beach of BAKOKO, the forest of Vula Banana, Muanda Village.ACP/