Artist-musician Jack Senyora unveils new single « Wasi wasi »


Kinshasa, September 1st, 2021 (CPA).- Congolese singer Jack Senyora on Monday launched his new single entitled « Wasi-wasi » on all mobile download platforms, according to an announcement by the artist-musician, published on the Web.

According to him, the title of this single in Swahili language, hear fear in French, was chosen to convey a message of hope to all those who are going through troubling situations, and at the same time show the strength of sincere love as an effective foundation.

 The singer recommends to his fanatics to keep hope, to always stand firm in their commitments, while being sure that if love is sung on everyone’s lips, etc.

As a reminder, Jack Senyora is a trainer in the arts of the word at the cultural center of Goma, and cultural animator of the Amani International Festival. He has produced several hits that have marked the Congolese music scene, such as: « Zizele » « Kibaruwa » in featering with the slammer Yves Kalwira, etc. ACP/