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The book « Study of a Complex Yaka Dynastic Poem » on the Baptismal Font

Kinshasa, September 1st, 2021 (CPA).- “Study of a complex dynastic poem Yaka”, a work by Prof. Joseph N’soko swa-Kabamba, published in 2021 at the Center for Scientific Research, Publishing and Distribution of Educational Documents (CRESEDIP) of the Higher Pedagogical Institute (ISP / Gombe), was focused on the baptismal font on Tuesday by the assistant coordinator of the ISP / Gombe 3rd cycle program, Pr Pascaline Pindi.

This 95-page work, subdivided into four chapters, highlights the poetry of the Yaka people, born after the invasion of Kwango, territory of the Suku, Tsamba and Yaka peoples, by the Lunda conquerors.

“This poetry is an art of the word which reveals the capacity of the dynastic cantor, expressing the beautiful in the Yaka culture. With the dynastic song ‘‘mbiimbi ’’, the bayaka convey their history and culture,”the author said.

The presenters of the book, MM. Prosper Gubarika and Freddy Kitoko, respectively professor at the National Pedagogical University (UPN) and head of work at ISP / Gombe, praised the approach taken by the author, which is appropriate at this time when democracy, good governance, respect for human rights as well as bravery are values ​​to be promoted in the new African society where visible sacrificial ideals are rare.

The academic secretary general of ISP / Gombe, Prof. François Kabemba, representative of the Director-General, has included the publication of this manual within the framework of efforts to revive research which constitutes, according to her, « the culmination of boost Congolese universities and higher institutes”.

CRESEDIP, created by the ISP management committee, encourages various quality scientific publications in this momentum for the publication of ESU institutions on international standards. Prof. Justin Mwamba, director of CRESEDIP, invited the scientific community to publish their results to CRESEDIP, which is asserting itself day by day at the national and international level. ACP/

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