The DRC / Zambia Joint Commission in an awareness campaign along the border


Kinshasa, September 1st, 2021 (CPA).- The experts of the DRC / Zambia Joint Commission, in charge of the demarcation of the land border between Lakes Tanganyika and Moero, continue their mission of sensitizing the riparian populations, for their involvement in this vast program.

According to the communication service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after the stage of Moliro (DRC), the two delegations are currently continuing their mission in Kaputa and Nsama (Zambia), accompanied by local and traditional administrative authorities inviting them to work in a climate of peace, for the benefit of two peoples (Congolese and Zambian) linked by ancestral ties.

The populations bordering the border of the two countries were informed in advance of this process, in their respective entities, by the representatives of the State and the customary chiefs, meaning to them, it is reported, that « the borders are not barriers « but bridges for the two peoples ».

The Congolese and Zambian delegations began on August 23, 2021 the work of sensitization of the populations bordering the border between the DRC and Zambia, with the objective of making them adhere to the work of demarcation of 205 km of border between the two. country. In turn, they have already jointly visited Pweto / Center, Lupiya and Kapulo, it is recalled. ACP/