A parliamentary mission to inquire about the activities of Chinese companies in Sud Kivu


Kinshasa, September 10th, 2021 (CPA).- The President of the National Assembly, Christophe Mboso, on Wednesday commissioned a parliamentary fact-finding mission to Sud Kivu to collect information on the exploitation of mineral and natural resources, in particular in Mwenga territory, by Chinese companies.

Composed of national elected from Sud Kivu and members of the “environment, tourism, natural resources and sustainable development” commission of the National Assembly, the mission will meet members of the provincial government, officials of decentralized territorial entities, traditional leaders and animators of civil society organizations.

“We will see how mining is carried out in Sud Kivu and verify the allegations surrounding this exploitation by Chinese companies. We already have the names of the owners of certain mines, ”the rapporteur of the parliamentary committee on environment, tourism, natural resources and sustainable development of the lower house of Parliament, national elected Dhedhe Mupasa, told the press.

During the Council of Ministers on Friday, September 3rd, Prime Minister Jean Michel Sama Lukonde, called on the Ministers in charge of Justice, Interior and Mines to take appropriate measures in relation to this situation.

ORC in order with the Congolese state

In addition, reacting to the acts so decried by the government of the Republic and the entire Congolese population, the workers of the company Orientale resources (ORC) affirmed, in a statement made public in Bukavu and a copy of which arrived on Thursday. to CPA, that this consortium normally executes a specification with the local communities in the territory of Mwenga.

They praised the collaboration between ORC and the mining services of DRC at both national and provincial levels.

« ORC, which has a legal personality recognized by the Congolese State, cannot be involved with companies which operate illegally … ORC is in a partnership contract with the Congolese State through Banrho », can -on read in the declaration.

This company, it is said, is undertaking actions in favor of local communities, in particular the repair of Mobale bridges in Kamituga, public lighting in Kabogi in Bankyungu group in the community of Wamuzimu, the enhancement of spaces for craft activities in collaboration with SAEMADE, the contribution to the rehabilitation of national road number 2 on Bukavu-Mwenga-Kamituga-Kitutu section, the financing of several community projects in the community of Wamuzimu.