Launching of the Senate Organizational Resilience Project


Kinshasa, September 14th, 2021 (CPA).– The Speaker of the Senate, Prof. Modeste Bahati Lukwebo proceeded on Tuesday to the launching of the Senate Organizational Resilience Project, through a new program entitled « The Senate is reformed », during of a press conference held at the People’s Palace.

According to the speaker of the upper chamber of the Senate, this project aims to put an end to the trials of intent mentioned here and there against the legitimacy, and even the institutional utility of the upper chamber, while the Constitution instituted national parliamentary bicameralism.

« This reform of the Congolese Senate, which is in line with the vision of the President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi, is an irreplaceable chance to get the DRC out of the difficulties it is going through, which are urgently needed today. security and health order, while still remaining economic, social and political, ”said President Bahati.

Seven proposals

The President of the Senate announced, to this end, seven proposals, concrete expression of his roadmap since taking office at the perch of the House, namely the integration of the Senate into the Conference of Governors; the establishment of the « Senate-Provinces Congress »; the holding of the “Fortnight of the Provinces in the Senate”; the deployment of a new communication strategy; taking up the digital challenge in the Senate; revitalizing the parliamentary diplomacy of the Senate and finally, setting up Social Works and Scientific Sponsorship of the Senate.

For him, the Senate Organizational Resilience Project is oriented towards a single goal, that of assisting good living together in every nook and cranny of the country, thanks to peace, security and work, for an integral national development. which anchors its roots in villages and territories.

These proposals, he revealed, are supported and partially accompanied by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), within the framework of a dynamic partnership.

The operational phase of the said proposals will be launched shortly, with the organization of the « Forum for the establishment of a framework for dialogue and consultation between the President of the Senate and the Presidents of the Provincial Assemblies », he indicated, framework that he would like to see evolve, in time, into a “Senate-Provinces Congress”, to be held once every two and a half years, that is to say, twice per five-year term of the Senate. ACP/