LINAFOOT: JSK meets Tshinkunku at the opening of the 27th championship


Kinshasa, September 15th, 2021 (CPA).– The Jeunesse Sportive de Kinshasa (JSK) will cross the US Tshinkunku of Kananga, Wednesday at the field of the Kurara Mpova Center of the Congolese Football Association (FECOFA), in the opening match of the 27th National Football League Championship (LINAFOOT).

This inaugural match will be the first such explanation between the two teams. JSK will be in his 2nd season in this national circuit, while Tshinkunku will be in his first experience. The Ravens of Kananga are back in this big league after several years of absence thanks to a free draft from the Congolese Football Federation (FECOFA), which saw fit to organize a national league 1 championship in 20 clubs.

In this context, the coaches of the two teams were at a pre-match press conference on Tuesday at the LINAFOOT headquarters.

JC Makanda, JSK coach: “This match will be our first step in this championship. We have prepared accordingly. For us, whether it rains or snows, without minimizing the opponent in any way, we have to pocket the 3 points involved. This is because we feel ready on the physical, technical and mental levels after a long period. of preparation. As a connoisseur of Congolese football, despite his relegation to Ligue 2, the name of Tshinkunku is evocative of many positive things in the history of national football. This is why we have not forgotten anything that can distract us and we want nothing to escape us. From last season’s backbone, three players were transferred to Maniema Union. But the team has strengthened with new elements able to defend the colors of JSK. « 

Béni Mongo, JSK player: “After our preparation, the time has come to step down into the arena for our first game of the season. Even if everything remains unpredictable, our concern is to pocket the 3 points of the day. A good trip always starts with a reassuring first step and we stick with it ”.

Pisco Vwanga, assistant coach of Tshinkunku: “Tshinkunku is very excited to tackle this match which means his return to this competition. The team trained for a month at the Kurara Mpova Center. It is in this capacity that we feel confident. It is a leap into the unknown that we are going to take to such an extent that it is difficult for us to make any predictions about the result. We have no idea about the JSK but we consider that this match will be a good opportunity for us to evaluate ourselves and to know the true value of the team built on a new framework. In other words, through this meeting, the technical staff headed by coach Bruno Bla will be able to have a lot of information about ourselves and even about LINAFOOT. Without a doubt, it is after 5 days that Tshinkunku can define his true face at the start of the championship. In all humility, Tshinkunku, who aims to be among the top 10 in the standings, aims above all not to make a return trip ”.

Harmonie Bakolele, Tshinkunku player: “After a month of intense activities at the Kurara Mpova Center, on behalf of my team-mates, I can say that we are ready to tackle the championship. As the coach said, Wednesday’s game will be a real test for us to reveal what we are indeed worth. « 

David Mwakasa, assistant coach of Don Bosco: « We are going to do better than last season »

CS Don Bosco assistant coach Eric Tshibasu said his team will do better than last season despite the departure of some executives in the Mazembe team and in some Kinshasa clubs under the leadership of their titular coach, Eric Tshibasu. « We must already start to do better in front of the Kinshasa Racing Club playing team this Wednesday at the Kurara Mpova Center. Finding ourselves in the top 5 is our goal because, last season, we were in the middle of the table ». ACP/