The “Cheating” phenomenon presented as a blatant anti-value at a Nyota show in Masina


Kinshasa, September 15th, 2021 (CPA).- The duo of comedians Jovita Songwa and Princess Watuwila, called « Les Nyotas » presented a comedy show on Sunday called: « The phenomenon of cheating is an anti-value », by exhibiting at assistance with the origins and harmful consequences of this scourge in the lives of those who practice it, in the room Revelation 22, in the municipality of Masina.

During their performance, the two actresses showed the audience, more particularly the schoolchildren, that cheating at school has several disadvantages, in particular: poor integration into professional life, the lack of intelligence to defend one’s diploma and others. For them, young people must know how to revise lessons on a daily basis to avoid cheating at school.

In addition, this show was attended by several comedians trained by the comedian artist Ronsia Kukelukila, like Kevin Zola and Hervé Mukendi who also discussed subjects related to the social life of the Congolese in particular: the taking of the drug which is part of the anti-values ​​in the juvenile environment. ACP/