ESU: To put resources at the service of the quality of learning


Kinshasa, September 21st, 2021 (CPA).– The academic general secretary of the Higher Pedagogical Institute (ISP)/Bukavu, Prof. Roger Kibasomba, visiting Kinshasa, invited, on Monday, the managers of educational establishments higher and university (ESU), to use resources for the benefit of the quality of student learning, during an interview granted to CPA.

Prof. Roger Kibasomba, who gave his point of view on the resolutions and recommendations sanctioning the work of ESU General States organized in Lubumbashi in Haut-Katanga, expressed the wish to see managers make available financial, human and materials, with a view to improving the learning of science quantitatively and qualitatively.

Making these resources available, explained Professor Kibasomba, will enable managers to face the multiple challenges they often face. These include, in particular, the development of tools, the production and manipulation of data, the fight against anti-values ​​and the good governance of higher education and university institutions.

Accountability of management committees

Prof. Kibasomba also called on the line ministry to strengthen the accountability of members of ESU school management committees. Managers, he wished, will have to make profitable in particular the resources made available to them by developing them and particularly exploiting the gray matter of teachers in their establishments. For him, the accountability of these committees was not sufficiently exploited during the works in Lubumbashi.

Welcoming the recommendations and resolutions of the General Estates of ESU, the General Secretary of ISP/Bukavu stressed that this work has produced a lot of results. Among them, the reform called « License-Master-Doctorate (LMD) » which, he said, has several advantages, namely, the possibility of exchanges with other universities across the country and the world, flexibility of learning modules and standardization of diplomas and others.

LMD system, he added, has been working well at ISP/Bukavu for two years where the science section has been applying it.

« I agree that this system should be generalized in all ESU establishments in DRC », indicated Prof Kibasomba for whom, the Minister in charge of ESU, Muhindo Nzangi, should do everything to make available to establishments of ESU who organize LMD system, appropriate tools for this purpose.