The municipal coordinators of « Kinshasa-Bopeto » committed to meeting the challenges of sanitation in the capital


Kinshasa, September 24th, 2021 (CPA) – The municipal coordinators of “Kinshasa-Bopeto” operation reiterated their commitment to increase efforts to meet the challenges of sanitation in Kinshasa city, at the level of their respective entities, by with a view to making its implementation more visible and influencing the behavior of residents. This was at the end of the meeting to assess and propose future prospects for sanitation in the capital, chaired for them by the provincial coordinator of « Kinshasa-Bopeto », Germain Mpundu Bombanza, in the multipurpose room of the Municipal House of Barumbu. They also noted the need to increase household awareness of the responsible use of garbage, particularly the populations of riparian areas who must stop using rivers as spillways for waste of all kinds. For his part, the provincial coordinator Germain Mpundu called on the various communal coordinators to revitalize their actions, recalling that they are his representatives at the municipality level, to make this operation effective, the motive of which is the fight against insalubrity. This assessment, he said, made it possible not only to highlight the strengths and shortcomings recorded so far since the launch of the operation, but also to jointly plan the strategies and activities to be carried out within the framework of the said operation revitalization. Among the difficulties, the plenary pinpointed the tremors of the COVID-19 health crisis which imposed a pace of work excluding in particular the gathering of more than twenty people, with the impact of slowing down the work of « Kinshasa-Bopeto » For his part, the spokesperson for municipal coordinators Shiko Ngalula alias Ngalufar welcomed the resumption of these meetings which will strengthen collaboration with the provincial coordination and promote the monitoring of actions in each commune to be received by Governor Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, as initiator of “Kinshasa-Bopeto” vision for further discussions. Note that the next meeting between the provincial coordination and the commons is scheduled in 15 days at the municipal house of Kinsenso.