Opening in Kinshasa of the work of the joint government-trade union commission

Le vice-Premier ministre, Jean-Pierre Lihau (à g.) en compagnie de quelques membres du gouvernement

Kinshasa, September 28th, 2021 (CPA).- The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Public Service, modernization of the administration and innovation of public services, Jean-Pierre Lihau opened on Monday in the Via Nova room in Gombe municipality, the work of the joint government-ban union commission to assess all the demands of teachers in the Bibwa agreement. « We must all act together not only to try to revitalize this great sector of education but also, to undertake awakening, hand in hand, with the legitimate ambition and not impossible to see our children as well as those responsible for transmitting knowledge to them will be placed in acceptable and dignified conditions”, said Jean-Pierre Lihau.

The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Civil Service has, therefore, hammered on the will of the President of the Republic Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, who would like each child to have a basic education whatever his destiny to face life.

In addition, the Minister in charge of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), Prof. Tony Mwaba Kazadi praised the willingness of the Sama Lukonde government to have placed importance on the issue of education and concerns about the conditions socio-professional teachers.

The Minister in charge of EPST also welcomed the commitment of teachers who spare no effort in training younger people. “It is true that in 2019, an agreement was signed in Bibwa containing all the demands. And, it should be noted that since our government was installed as part of the inventory, we have listed all that has been claimed”, reassured Minister Tony Mwaba.

Evaluating what has been done and what remains to be done, Tony Mwaba outlined for the union ban some facts achieved since he has been head of EPST ministry.

These are the question of the teachers’ payroll, the support of all new kindergarten units, the increase in school operating costs to the tune of 20.5%, the retirement of teachers including the age varies between 65 and 105, the pension fund and the bush premium.

These three-day meetings, from September 27th to 29th, 2021, organized by the Ministry in charge of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST) were attended by the Minister of State in charge of Budget, the Minister in charge of Labor and social welfare, the Deputy Minister in charge of Budget and the Deputy Minister in charge of EPST, it is recalled.