Teachers affiliated with CDT/Kongo central plead for payment of the amount set by Bibwa agreement


Kinshasa, September 28th, 2021 (CPA) – Teachers affiliated with the Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT)/FESP Kongo central pleaded for payments of the amount set by the Bibwa agreement, said secretary Godefroid Matondo, during a general assembly held on Monday in Kinshasa.

According to Secretary Godefroid Matondo several points were raised during this assembly, by teachers in particular, the improvement of their socio-professional conditions.

These teachers conditioned the start of the school year through the second tier payment of the Bibwa accord and the bush bonuses.

The provincial secretary of Kongo Central 2 division, Gaston Luwawa insisted on the problem of the treatment of teachers in the provinces, which must be taken into account in the state budget, because all teachers exercise the same profession.

This general assembly was held two weeks after the one that was recently organized in Kinshasa on the evaluation of 2029-2021 school year where the same issues were raised. ACP/