Alpha Bisie Mining Seeks Government Involvement To Improve Mining

The Minister in charge of Industry at the far right with the delegation of Alpha Bisie mining

Kinshasa, September 28th, 2021 (CPA), – The industrial mining company Alpha Bisie Mining which exploits cassiterite and which is based in Walikale in the province of North Kivu, requested the support of the government for an appropriate solution is found to the electricity problem, in order to improve its mining activities, the CPA learned Tuesday from the Ministry in charge of Industry.

It was the deputy general manager of Alpha Bisie Maning, Albert Kitenge who led the delegation of this company to the Minister of Industry, Julien Paluku Kahongya, who was the author of this solicitation during a hearing their granted Monday in Kinshasa. He, on the occasion, thanked the Minister of Industry for the actions he continues to undertake within the framework of the influence of the said sector and his support in the development of their company’s activities.

« We see two labels in this Minister of Industry, he is first a notable from North Kivu, then Minister of Industry and we as an industrial mining company, it is quite appropriate to come and report to him, ”said DGA Kitenge, before specifying that the mining export activity in their company is stuck with certain problems. We have to travel more than 1,000 (thousand) km to reach the point of exploitation.

The lack of electric power, he added, is a major obstacle for the mining operation of the company which projects the production of the metal, cannot do it. She is obliged to limit herself only to tin concentrates.