Awarding of patents to 39 human rights activists trained in prenatal education

A winner receiving his certificate from the CIFDH / ONGDH coordinator

Kinshasa, September 28th, 2021 (CPA) .- Thirty-nine (39) human rights activists received their certificates to participate in a training session in prenatal education organized, from September 14th to 28th, organized by the International Center for Human Rights and Development (CIFDH / ONGDH).

In his closing remarks, the coordinator of the CIFDH / ONGDH, organizer of this training, Boniface Kanku, said that this two-week training based mainly on prenatal education is one of the global strategies to fight against sexual violence. , early marriage, divorce, prostitution and so many other scourges that plague society.

This training, he continued, also marks a historic moment for the DRC in particular and Africa in general, by the fact that it fits with the vision of the Head of State and President in office of the African Union, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, who campaigns for a rule of law and « zero tolerance » in matters of sexual violence.

He also took this opportunity to make some recommendations to the DRC government, in particular, the strengthening of social protection systems for pregnant women, the introduction of the United Nations program on human rights education and ‘prenatal education in education programs at the national level, support and engage all the laureates of the 1st promotion in prenatal education in different hospitals and clinics in the DRC.

It should be noted that this training was organized by the International Center for Human Rights and Development in partnership with the Rally of Women Trade Unionists in Public Administration (RAFSAP-ASBL), a Swiss village NGO and OMAEP, a global organization of associations for prenatal education.