Ituri: for the acceleration of the process of appointing provincial coordinators of P-DDR-CS

The SOCIT coordinator

Bunia, September 29th, 2021 (CPA) .- The coordination of civil society in Ituri (SOCIT) asked the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, to speed up the process of appointing provincial coordinators for the National Disarmament Program, demobilization, community recovery and stabilization (P-DDR-CS) in order to make it operational in this province, in a press release received Tuesday at the CPA.

Regarding the deterioration of the security situation in the territories of Irumu and Djugu which was the subject of its resolution, this citizens’ organization also recommended to the guarantor of the nation to reinforce the armed forces of the DRC in troops ( FARDC) and the Congolese National Police (PNC); to track down and eradicate armed groups active in Ituri without distinction; to deploy the Republican Guard in the territories of Djugu or Irumu to reinforce military operations; to take care of the displaced and ensure their return to the respective villages; to provide Ituri with an exchange mechanism like the « AMANI » program organized in North Kivu. At the end of the extraordinary meeting on the analysis of the security situation, SOCIT reported the upsurge in attacks by negative forces which scour the two (2) territories under examination, the source informs. It noted in Irumu territory in particular the attack on the village of Bogi near the Komanda shopping center located 73km from Bunia where on September 23rd, four (4) people were murdered including a woman and 33 houses burned down including two ( 2) rice fields; on September 25 the attack on the village Mandibe 1 and 2 in the chiefdom of the Walese Vonkutu located nearly 10km from Komanda with the burning of 5 houses and a school; on September 26 the attack on Makayanga with 52 burnt houses, rice fields, hotels while for the territory of Djugu the attack on the village Digene on September 26, 2021 by elements of CODECO who killed four (4) people and injured four (4) others. According to SOCIT’s analysis, it appears that these attacks in Irumu territory were perpetrated by the coalition of FPIC and FRPI which in reality is an advance team of the ADF / NALU because after their attack, estimated the source, the population empties the villages, leaving room for the ADF / Banyabwisha.