Sama Lukonde and Mike Hammer talk about the political, security and environmental situation in the DRC

Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde and Ambassador Mike Hammer

Kinshasa, September 28th, 2021 (CPA), – Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde Kyenge discussed Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s office with the American ambassador to the DRC, Mike Hammer, on topical issues, in particular those related to preparations elections in 2023, security in the eastern part of the country and at COP 26. “It is always good to have the opportunity to discuss with the Prime Minister on specific subjects in the DRC. We discussed what the government is doing to start preparing for good elections in 2023. Also, we talked about very important priorities, the preparation of COP 26, a very important summit for the government”, he added. declared Ambassador Mike Hammer at the end of their exchange, adding that the USA and the DRC are in the dynamic of a privileged partnership.

To this end, he welcomed the discussions held by the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken and President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo in New York, affirming that the USA greatly appreciates the leadership of the Head of State. Congolese.

The American diplomat said, speaking of the environment, that it was a question of reassuring the head of the Congolese government of the support of his country and of the entire international community as regards the efforts of the DRC in terms of the protection of the environment.

Environment « We discussed how the international community and the United States specifically, can support the efforts of the DRC to protect the Congo Basin which is the second lung of the world, to benefit Congolese communities and also the world » , he said.

The American ambassador stressed, about the COP 26, that « it is a question of knowing what is the plan of the Congolese government, what are the needs that the international community can support, and to see how to advance this protection of environment, help and strengthen the capacity of the Congolese government to protect forests. But also for the good of the community which must have economic opportunities in the region. We must also promote renewable energy, including solar energy, hydroelectric power and see how to reduce the use of coal. « 

Regarding the security situation, the state of siege and the progress the government is making to end the cycle of violence in the east of the country, Mike Hammer argued that the US would always want to advance peace in the DRC. , particularly in the provinces of Ituri and North Kivu under a state of siege, and are monitoring the situation more closely, in order to achieve the total eradication of all negative forces.

Security situation

The Eastern question, as you know, the special force was sent to assess the government’s efforts, especially to establish a task force against the ADF, because it is a terrorist threat. We must continue to work together, support the efforts of the FARDC and MONUSCO to protect the population and also work with neighboring countries which must get involved to put an end to all this violence, ”he explained.

It is also important, continued Mike Hammer, to advance the DDRC-S program, which the US and the international community are ready to support,

The two personalities also spoke of the importance of press freedom and the problems that threaten this freedom. “The Prime Minister told me clearly what are the priorities of his government, to try to advance democracy and prepare for good elections in 2023. I hope that soon there will be decisions concerning the INEC, a –t he concluded, saying that the Prime Minister was very receptive to him.